Modernians Hockey Club


Modernians or "Mods" as it is affectionately known originated in 1932 as an ex-student and associated club for Perth Modern School.

Although the club does not have a formal affiliation with the School, our emblem, the Sphinx, is shared with the School, and a great many former students of the School identify with the club as the only remaining sporting club which relates to the Perth Modern School. The Clubrooms and grounds are located less than 2 kilometers from the Perth Modern School campus.


Life Members

Lionel Stinton 1952   John Moulton 1984
Colin Campbell 1962   David Gullard 1987
Roy Menzies 1962   Graeme Leeks 1988
Ambrose Cummins 1967   Max Havercroft 1990
Wilf Byfield 1968   Brian Mullings 1990
Merv Adams 1969   Don Sanders 1996
Brent Bellon 1969   Robert Maley 2000
Peter Whitlock 1970   Ernie Underwood 2004
Colin Nicholas 1972   Ian Hicks 2007
John DeLaeter 1974   Richard Sanders 2007
Alan Scott 1978   Glen Shepherd 2007
William Crompton 1979   Graeme Kirkaldy 2011
Trevor Mullings 1980   Vicki Chiappalone 2017
Ian Biddle 1981   Jane Marshall 2017
Lindsay Mullings 1981   Damon Diletti 2023
Terry O’Reilly 1981    


Perpetual Trophies

President’s Trophy
Honour Board Presidents
Honour Board Junior Presidents
Honour Board MVP - Mods Volunteer Program

Honouring a junior in Years 9-12 for completed volunteer service at the club for the current season

  • Allan Scott Trophy    -      Most Improved Player - Women & Men
    Allan was junior president, player and Life Member of our Club. Allan’s legacy continues with his grandson Riley playing at the club as well as his son, Adam who is a former Mods player and past President.

  • Robert Maley Award  -    Outstanding Contribution to the Juniors by a Senior Member
    Rob is a Life Member, player and past junior president who invested so much into developing and strengthening our Club.

  • Jarryd Higgins Award    -  Outstanding Contribution to the Seniors by a Junior Member
    This is awarded in memory of Jarryd who passed away on his 21st birthday. Jiggy played both his junior and senior hockey at Mods. As a senior player, Jiggy coached junior teams, giving some of the same support that he received as a junior back to the next generation of little Moddies.

  • Woj Award   -  Best Club Person
    Steven ‘Woj’ Wojcek was a loyal, passionate and dedicated Mods player and supporter whose loyalty, passion and dedication was exhibited both on and off the field.

  • Colin Campbell Award   - Winning-est Team
    The most successful team on the pitch. Colin Campbell played many seasons in goals for our Club during the ‘40s and ‘50s. Colin also made state teams for at least three years, including  captaining the team in 1949.

  • Ian Hicks Trophy -  Women’s Fairest & Best Player in 1s team 
    Hicksy as he is popularly known is a past president of our club, former coach of the top women’s team and a player. Hicksy is also a Life Member of our Club.

  • Mullings Medal  -  Men’s Fairest & Best Player in 1s team
    This medal is named after the Mullings brothers – Trevor, Lindsay and Brian – all keen Mods players, with Trevor and Lindsay serving as past Presidents of our club and Brian also involved on committees. All three have been awarded Life Membership of our Club

Retired - Hardwicke Trophy for Women’s Leading Goal Scorer
Retired - Terry O’Reilly Trophy Leading Goal Scorer
Retired - 75th Anniversary Legends – 2005


Team Song

We're a happy team at Moddies

We're the mighty flying Mods

We love our club and we play to win

Riding the Sphinx with a Grin at Moddies

Come what may ...you see us striving

Teamwork is the thing that talks


One for all and all for One

Is the way we play at Moddies

We are the Mighty Flying Mods!!!

Sung to the tune of the Hawthorn theme song..


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