J3-4 Comp

This is an interclub competition run by YMCC at Perry Lakes on Saturday mornings. Games are played at 8.30, 9.30 and 10.30 am, for children in year 3 and year 4 at school.

Game Day

Training begins at Charles Veryard Reserve 7th April 4.30-5.30pm

Games commence Saturday 7th May - Round 1

Important dates
No games will be held –
 5th June (WA Day long weekend)

No games will be held – 1st, 8th and 15th July  (School Holidays)

Finishing Saturday 19th August - Round 12


From your manager

Field Layout Map

2020 Field Layout

Field layout will be available on the board outside the club rooms on the Saturday morning. There will also be a designated helper on the Saturday morning to assist teams to find their fields on the day. This person will be wearing a high visibility bib and will be generally located near the fixtures board, to help give directions as needed.

Also note, in case required, Ice is available in the freezer in the club rooms.

Toilets are in the building adjacent the club rooms. Boys on the West side, Girls on the East side.


The teams play on 3/4 size field with 9 players on the field at a time (no goal keeper). The games are 2 halves of 20 minutes each with a 5 minute break at half time. No score is kept for the games and there is not a ladder.

Players will need a hockey stick, mouthguard and shin pads. Normal running shoes are suitable. You will need to be at the ground 30 minutes before your game for a warm up and coach talk.


Teams are typically mixed boys and girls. Teams will wear their Mods uniform.  Players will need their Mods playing shirt, blue socks, navy shorts/skorts and appropriate foot wear.  All our club coaches are volunteers and have “Working With Children” cards.

A team coach and manager from the parent group is required for each team. They will liaise with the J 3/4 Coordinator.
Teams are NOT chosen on ability alone, but also peer and school groupings where possible are taken into account. On game day parents will be asked to provide oranges in a rostered system.
A few times a year there is dinner after training, which is a highlight for the kids. Dinners are allocated to a group to organise, and the J3/4 parents are responsible for one dinner during the season.

Team Training

Training for J3/4 Teams is Thursday at Charles Veryard Reserve 4.30-5.30pm.


The J3/4 rules are modified to suit the age group and ensure safety. The coach may be on the field (but out of the way of the play) during the game providing support. 

Hitting is allowed

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