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Information for Managers

Information for Managers

The following information has been made available as a guide to the team manager role.
If you would like a more detailed explanation please contact our Managers Coordinator 


Team Fixtures

Generally a manager will take the lead in organising the teams availability and ensuring the team understands where and when their games are. The following link goes to the HockeyWA website where you can locate the team by grade and monitor fixtures, the ladder and the team details.

Generally rosters are a managers role, including but not limited to player rotation (if the squad is large), the orange roster, club dinner helpers and Saturday morning helpers.

Hockey WA

Match Reporting

An important role of the manager is inputting the information into the Hockeynet site promptly after each game. The accuracy of this information is vital and it must be done by Monday morning following game.

Online Match Reporting Walkthrough Guidelines

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Team Rules

For your information and to gain a greater understanding of the game please find a link to the rules for the relevant grades.
Please ensure you are reading rules pertaining to the correct age and grade as these differ.



As the manager your role is to support the coach in making sure our equipment is in full working order and present at each game.
Juniors - It is also part of your role to encourage the children to respect the provided equipment and to help pack away at the close of training and after games.

Hockey Fields

List and addresses of all hockey fields including turfs.

List of Hockey Venues

Club Contacts

List of all club contacts should you need to speak with them regarding fixtures.

Club Contacts

Team Costs

Throughout the season, there are additional costs that need to be covered by each team, they may include:
– Turf fees, these will be set at $10 per player for each game your team plays on turf. It is important to collect this money prior to the game, to pay the venue.
– Coaches and managers gift/s for the end of season
Please provide these funds in a timely manner to your manager when requested.

Club Colour Clashes

When we are second named on the card and we play against teams with the same colour shirts or socks as us, it is our responsibility to wear an alternate strip.
At junior level our alternative strip is yellow socks.. and turn your playing top inside out

A list of the various club clash colours are available here

List of Clubs and their playing colours

Calendar of Events HockeyWA

Hockey WA Calendar events to put in your calendar.

Hockey WA Events

Accident Claim Procedure

Should a player be injured during a game it is vital for that information to be recorded on the match card. Details of how families access the relevant insurance forms are included below.

How to Make a Claim

Junior Coordinators Handbook

A summary of information for coordinators of junior hockey  – including calendars, competitions, support, policies, contacts, coaching and development is available on the Hockey WA website.

Junior Coordinators Information

Files available for download

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