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Order your uniform online (click on icon below) or via email and collect from our clubrooms on Thursday afternoon / evening (from 4.30pm-6.30pm) during the hockey season.

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Uniform Co-ordinator 
Email: uniforms@modernianshockey.org

Adults and Juniors - Full kit

Alternative Strip


When we are second named on the card and we play against teams that have the same colour shirts or socks as us it is our responsibility for us to wear our alternate strip. Our alternative strip is a yellow shirt and/or yellow socks. 

If you have the yellow shirt from Mods old uniform that will suffice.  2021 will see the beginning of rolling out the yellow alternative strip for all seniors to purchase at a reasonable price. It is necessary to always carry the yellow alternate socks in your kit bag.

A list of the various club colours is available here so you can check to see if there is likely to be a clash. 

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